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Multi functional machine



LuxOsea targets all your beauty needs by our advanced technology beauty instrument. Learn what the use of Ultrasonic can do to your skin. Using high frequency Ultrasonic vibration with skin scrubber to provide a deep clean. Galvanic currents to provide intense treatment for the skin. High-Frequency electrotherapy with physiological stimulation effect. If discoloration or uneven texture is your concern, ask about the benefits of Micro-Demabrasion. The beauty instrument is equipped with rotary brush, spray vacuum, and facial steamer as part of your basic facial.



Enjoy a rubber or jelly mask service to treat your skin concern. ~ Only 20 minutes/$25

The fine grade marine collagen, alginate and nineteen amino acids are readily absorbed to lock moisture and apply a wide variety of nutrients to moisturize and nourish the skin targeting your skin conditions and concerns.

*Ask about our mask packages. The Rubber or Jelly mask is part of facial service.

Rubber ~

  • Vitamin C ~ for uneven tone
  • Tea Tree ~ Prevents breakouts and repairs skin irritation
  • Green Tea ~ Soothes & Lightens.  Increases elasticity
  • Pure Charcoal~ Super cleanse and reduces pores. Removes impurities.


Jelly ~

  • Brightening ~ For uneven tone
  • Firming ~ improves elasticity
  • Collagen ~ Softens & rejuvenate. Improves moisture
  • Rose ~ Improves skintone and elasticity, moisturize
  • Arbutin ~ Hyper pigmented skin
  • Hyaluronic ~ Smoothes and softens. Plumps fine lines and protect from free radicals
  • Retinol ~ Smoothes and reduces lines and shrinks pores
  • Lavender ~ Detox, Soothes and calms with botanical extracts
  • Gold ~ Works with fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothes complexion.

Enjoy an eye treatment with your facial or by itself using hot and cold therapy.
Heated treatment opens blood vessels to increase blood flow to supply oxygen and nutrients to eye area to reduce aging, dark circles and stress.
Used with LuxOsea's eye products, promotes hydration, decreasing wrinkles, and tiredness.
Cold treatment refines skin for smoothness and reduces puffiness.
$40 / 20 mins.

Menu of Services

Mini Facial Light non chemical peel with jelly mask (30 Mins) -------------------------------------------$40.00

Basic Facial No Peel (70 Mins) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$55.00~$65.00

Deep Cleanse Facial with Aha Peel (70 Mins) ------------------------------------------------------------------$65.00

Brightening Facial with Lemon Detox Peel (70 mins) --------------------------------------------------------$65.00

Super Hydrating Facial ( 70 Mins) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$65.00

Package Deals ~ 3 packs saves $10.00

5 packs saves $25.00

10 packs saves $50.00 + 1st facial free!

TREATMENTS ~ Recommended to do series of 3 to 6 for best results

Chemical Peel Facial ~ 30% Glycolic Acid (90 Mins) -----------------------------------------------------------$80.00  

Microdermabrasion Facial ~Diamond Tip (90 Mins)-----------------------------------------------------------$80.00

Acne Treatment Facial (90 Mins) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$80.00

Ultrasound Firming Facial ( 90 Mins) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------$80.00

Eye Treatment (Hot and Cold Therapy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------$25.00                              

LED lighting therapy ~ 20 mins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$25.00

Paraffin hand treament ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$25.00

Dead Sea Mineral products are incorporated into all facials.

All services will be subject to a 4.5% service tax

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