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There are documented cases of the waters of the Dead Sea being used thousands of years ago for healing, beauty and relaxation. Products that contain Dead Sea Salt can help rejuvenate your skin, exfoliating and smoothing to restore a beautiful illumination. Dead Sea Salt also has healing properties and can bring your skin back into balance. With use, you will see increased smoothness, nourishment and elasticity in your skin. It truly is a miracle ingredient when it comes to beauty products.

LuxOsea, LLC is seeking wholesale and retail professionals to share the success of our luxury skin care line, MerAmor.

MerAmor, Luxury From the Sea, originates from Israel and uses one of the highest concentrations of key ingredients like Magnesium-rich Dead Sea Salt in the skin care products for the face, body, and also launching towards end of the year, hair products. Along with rich Dead Sea Salt, we offer a range of unique ingredients that brings you the best of the sea’s treasures.
We are committed to giving our customers the very highest-quality products possible to obtain a radiant, glowing, enviable skin. 

LuxOsea is the U.S. exclusive Distributor of MerAmor, and as part of our growth, we expand our business all through the United States and look for the right people to partner with.
We offer our professional experience and marketing materials to boost both your distributing experience and performance along with supporting accounts to achieve their retail goals.
MerAmor skin care line is ideal for high end day spas, beauty shops, salons, and as well as for specialty retail stores.


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