Ultrasonic is referred to wave of mechanical vibration with the frequency of 20,000 Hz above which cannot incite the sense of hearing of human. The function mainly include the following three aspects:

  1. The Mechanical Effect ~ the ultrasonic with more power than normal waves, will speed up the movement of the cells as applied to human body, generate a certain massage-like effect and energy to change the cells.  Meanwhile, the ultrasonic can cause the cytolymph movement, granoplasam rotation, particle chattering and rubbing, and stimulate the semi-permeable membrane diffuseness, which contribute to improve the partial blood and lymph circulation, strengthen the permeability of cells, and enhance the power of metabolism and regeneration of body tissues.  The mechanical effect of ultrasonic bears the functions to soften the tissues, strengthen the permeability, promote metabolism, accelerating blood circulation, and excite the nervous system and cells. When applied to human body, it can transfer the energy to the deep skin. Therefore, ultrasonic has a better curative effect than mechanical massage.
  2. Warming Effect ~ As a treatment method only inferior to the mechanical effect, the warming effect of ultrasonic is kind of inner-generated heat, and 79-82% of the heat generated is transported by the self action of the blood, while the remaining 18-21% is dispersed to the near body tissues via the heat transfer. Therefore, the patient has no obvious feeling when the ultrasonic is applied to beautification. The degree of temperature rising of body tissues caused by different treatment methods is also with differences. Under the same condition of continuous ultrasonic wave radiation, the fixation method can cause higher temperature rising than the moving method. The heat effect generated by the pulse radiation is much less while it is in application.  In the same position, the warming effect of ultrasonic can cause the speeding of the blood flow and change in the process of metabolism, also can strengthen the blood circulation, reduce the nerve excitement, calm the pain, and relax the conversionary muscle fiber gaining a function of relaxing convulsion.
  3. Chemical Effect ~ The biochemical effect is produced mainly by the polymerization and decomposition reaction.  Polymerization reaction refers to a process of some same of similar molecules forming bigger molecules. A small amount of ultrasonic can boost the growing and producing process of the protein compound in the cells, and stimulate the reproduce of the damaged tissues; while treating amount of ultrasonic can stimulate the protein synthesis of the fiber cells. Decomposition reaction is a process in which the viscosity of big molecule gets reduced, and the molecular weight decreased, causing the temporary fall of viscosity of the drug solution, which is beneficial for the drug to be absorbed easily.

Therefore, ultrasonic possesses the chemical function of speeding up metabolism and strengthening catalysis, meanwhile urges the tissue PH value to change towards alkaline, so it can refrain the swell and pain caused by the skin inflammation. Ultrasonic can promote the permeability of cell membrane, which is favorable for the drug to disperse and penetrate into the bacteria, then improve the ability of sterilization. In conclusion, ultrasonic with the mechanical effect, warming effect and chemical effect can massage partial tissue cells slightly, raise the temperature of partial tissue layer, strengthen the diffusion of cell collide solution, excite the cells, thus The blood circulation gets strengthened, the tissues softened, chemical reaction sped, metabolism enhanced, protein molecule and various enzymes affected, PH value changed, and bioactivator content differed, etc.

Beauty Functions of Ultrasonic:

  1. Soften thrombus and eliminate blush: it adopts ultrasonic pulse in treatment and combines with proper blood activating and gore decomposing ointment. Due to the mechanical function, heat effect and physical chemistry property of ultrasonic, it can properly massage blood vessels in distorted, soften thrombus, exangia, accelerate blood circumfluence, promote metabolism, rectify distorted micro vessels and gradually restore to the normal with effect of eliminating blush.
  2. Soften sclerosis, eliminate fat and cure acne: There are many types of acnes including purulent acne and comedones. However some acnes are big, inflamed, hard and painful. They may get hard and form scars easily if not treated properly. As for these acnes, you’d better not puncture and press early. It would be best to apply acne antiphiogistic and gently massage on the surface of acne with ultrasonic beauty machine. You may massage one single acne or the area with several acnes also. Ultrasonic can impact lymph, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate lymph liquid. Inflamed cells will transform under the influence of ultrasonic.  Moreover with conduction of antiphlogistic by ultrasonic, it can mitigate hyperemia of inflamed acnes and gradually soften skin sclerosis.
  3. Eliminate flecks and fade splashes: Ultrasonic can destroy inner film of spash cells, prevent them from forming and decomposing pigment, fade and eliminate flecks and splashes with metabolism; Ultrasonic can also enhance absorption of skincare products with remarkable speckle eliminating effect.
  4. Promoting circulation and removing statis: With the mechanical massage effect of ultrasonic, it can adjust hypodermic cells and enhance permeability of cell films, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism on the other hand; it may take remarkable effect with proper skincare products of Promoting circulation and removing stasis.
  5. Eliminate pouch and dark circle: Because mechanical massage of ultrasonic beauty equipment can accelerate blood circulation and lymph circulation, it can thin and decompose fat, accelerate hypodermic absorption and dispel over accumulation of water and fat to eliminate pouch and dark circle additionally with the thermodynamic effect. It is required to massage by the probe as per the skin texture.
  6. Massage frequently to improve skin texture. It can eliminate speckles and acnes quickly if treating skin properly with ultrasonic beauty equipment, and improve or recover skin texture and cortin.