High-Frequency Electrotherapy

High Frequency can produce high speed vibration current and conduct to human body with electrotherapeutic tube. Because there is inert gas, e.g. argon or neon, etc. in the electrotherapeutic tube, different inert gases in the tube will emit light in different colors when working with different assistant treatment effect; while high speed vibration current can be transformed to heat and produce ozone around the electrotherapeutic tube with better effect of sterilization. Because the liberating frequency of current is very high, it will not make muscle shrink but with physiological stimulation effect.

High Frequency has the following functions:

  1. Stimulate Blood Circulation
  2. Enhance Gland Activity
  3. Assist in Excretion and Absorption
  4. Promote Metabolism
  5. Effect of Sterilization
  6. Produce Heat in Skin Texture
  7. Help Beauty and Skincare Products to Penetrate into the Deep Layer of Skin

Lights in different colors will produce different assistant treatment effects after being absorbed by skin.