Anion and cation conduction instrument is a kind of beauty equipment that makes use of direct current.  It adopts the electricity principle of poles repels and opposite charges attract for skin care purpose. Because external harmful substances and metal ions of nonferrous cosmetics may penetrate into skin through horny cells and hair follicles, deposit in skin. Skin requires more and more supplementary nutrition, but skin absorption ability is limited. Therefore, harmful substances in human body can be educated and nutrition can be conducted with anion and cation conduction instrument.

When beauty products are applied on skin in deliquescent condition, they can decompose and release ions. Under the effect of electric field of direct current, ions will make directional movement. Cation will move from the anode to the cathode and anion will move from the cathode to the anode. Medicine of essence ions will be penetrated into skin and form regional ion reactor. Medicine absorption concentration in regional skin is several times more than the absorption concentration of oral medicine so as to achieve relevant effects.


Anion and cation conduction instrument takes effect by putting electric current through human body with metal electrode and medicine conduction probe. When the anode of instrument is in working condition, polarity held in customer’s hand is the anode. Because human body is position, nutrition can be absorbed completely when the instrument is in conducting condition. When the cathode is in working condition after the button is switched to the cathode, polarity held in customer’s hand is the cathode. Because human body is electron, harmful substances and metal ions etc. can be discharged out of human body when the instrument is in educating condition.

Anion and cation conduction instrument may carry out skin treatment in two measures of nutrition conduction and impurity education under the effect of direct current.  Treatment effect of nutrition conduction is to enable water soluble nutrition ( plant essence) to penetrate into skin more effectively and supply skin with nutrition and vitamins directly; Treatment effect of impurity education is to remove impurities, dead scurf, decompose fat on skin surface and balance fat secretion.

Anion and cation conduction instrument has both anode and cathode. When electric current in different polarities get through skin surface, it can incur different chemical reactions. Anion and cation conduction instrument has the following functions:

  1. Positron (anode) can conduct acid solution into skin, comfort nerve, lessen blood supply, enhance fiber structure, shrink pores, decrease red scars, bring acid substance to skin, enhance cell permeability and conduct nutrition which is not easy to penetrate to the deep layer of skin as so to provide intensive treatment for skin. It is mainly used after beauty treatment to shrink pores, mitigate skin rubefaction and prevent skin inflammation after fat granule and skin treatment. It is suitable for dry skin (water insufficient skin), mature, aged skin (nutrition insufficient) and oily skin.
  2. Electrode (cathode) can conduct alkaline solution into skin, stimulate nerve, enhance blood circulation, soften fiber structure, enhance skin elasticity, dissolve over accumulating fat in skin and balance skin secretion; Meanwhile, it can discharge impurities and heavy metal ions in the deep layer of skin. It is suitable for mature, aged skin and oily skin.